Herbs are Nature way of providing us with a natural alternative way of medicine
Throughout the History of Mankind Herbs have played an important part in our lives being used as incense, food flavorings, medical purpose and Hallucinogenic
Herbs uses remained steeped in magic and superstition throughout out the millennium.

                Herbs uses in Ancient Times
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs showed the usage of herbs and treatments as early as 3500 BC.
The Chinese in 2700 BC started to use herbs in a more scientific way, borrowing form the Egyptians and Greeks.
The oldest medical book that mentioned herbs is the Huang Die Jing,The Yellow Emperor’s classic of Internal Medicine.
Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC) “ the father of medical literature’ developed a system of diagnosis using herbs, he considered illness a natural cause not supernatural and that medicine should be given without the use of magic.
The Roman empire used herbal remedies extensively, 65 AD Pedanius Discorides a Greek physician in the Roman army wrote ‘De Materia Medica” describing herbs and their varied usage.

In Medieval Europe
During the Middle Ages, with the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Catholic Church use of herbs was frowned upon by the Church officials who associated it usage with Witch craft and paganism often burning herbalists at the stake.

Other Cultures
The Discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus and New civilizations resulted with the discovery of new herbs such as Black Cohosh, Golden Seal and Cat’s Claw being used by Native American Indians.
Indigenous cultures often outshone the European in healthy life styles and their extensive knowledge of herbs and their uses.
In the South American cultures and also North American, herbs where used as a Hallucinogenic by the Native Tribes for ceremonial rituals, because of the substance that altered the state of consciousness when ingested to help with communication with the sprit world.
Many plants have a long tradition of intoxicating means, example the Salvia Divinorum or Diviner’s Sage has a history of use in Shamanic rituals of healing and divination, it’s psychedelic effects can range form mild to extreme and it found primarily in the Mazateca regions of Mexico.

Herbalism in Modern times
Herbs have been and continue to be an integral part of our lives
Today, we see an increase in popularity of herbal use as people seek alternatives for treatment of diseases and for those seeking lifestyles using natural products only.
Part or the entire plants, trees, weeds etc can be used in the preparation of herbs.
Herbs vary in forms as fresh or dried, in powder and capsule and mixed into liquids and can be use internally and externally.
Internally the fresh and dried or powdered herbs can be steep in boiling water and drink as a tea or mixed in juices and prepared in decoctions.
Externally herbs can be used in poultices, compresses, in baths, in cream and ointments.
Always use herbs in recommended dosages for optimum results.

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